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iHome IH5 Clock Radio

I found this community through bad_service and it looks like I'll be the first to post! I've been wanting to complain about a bad product I purchased for a while but figured that since a bad product is not bad service, I'd probably get snarked in c_suck_snark. Didn't want that to happen! ;)

Anyway...long story short...I purchased the iHome ipod alarm clock a little over a year ago for $100. Recently it stopped charging my ipod, and it was not the ipod, as the ipod charged just fine plugged into my computer. I was unhappy that it was not working properly after such a short time, but willing to attribute it to a fluke, and more or less willing to purchase a new one, as I really enjoyed the whole thing.  First, I decided to look up my problem and see if there was an easy fix.....and I found pages complaints of unhappy customers who's ihome alarm clocks had failed in the same manner in a very short time period. Apparently, I am lucky that mine actually still plays my ipod, as usually when the charging feature fails, so does the playing feature.

Here are a few of the many examples of complaints I have:

Professional Review that is complimentary (because it's a great  product at first!) until you read the comments below.

Another good review ~ until, again, you get to the actual user comments.

I then became pretty angry. This was not a fluke, but a very poorly made product. Bad quality for a high price. I wanted to call customer service but decided not to because of plenty of pages of customers complaining about unhelpful and rude customer service, and warning that the only option given by iHome was for the owner of the unit to send it in and pay entirely for shipping and repairs.  I may have been willing to replace my unit at first, but I will not support a company that makes poor quality products and sells them for a fairly high price. Besides which....it is clear that it would probably fail again in short order.

Dear iHome company:

I am writing about your iH5 ipod Clock Radio. At first I was delighted with this product. It is aesthetically pleasing, has excellent sound quality, its design is ergonomically well made, and I find waking up to my favorite songs via my ipod very pleasing. For a time, my only complaint was that the brightness of the display and buttons is eye-searing at its lowest setting, and I was perplexed by the fact that there was no option to turn the light completely off. However, I simply turned my iHome clock radio away from the bed and enjoyed it for the previously mentioned features.

When it stopped charging my ipod after only a year of use, I figured it must be a fluke, and was even willing to replace the unit with a new one because I did enjoy it. However, on a whim I decided to look up the problem on the internet. There I found pages of disgruntled customers angry that their iHome clock radios stopped charging and playing their ipods after a short time period (among other problems). The fact that mine lasted a whole year before ceasing to charge and the fact that it still plays my ipod appears to be a stroke of good fortune for me and not at all the typical experience. Consumers also complain that having the product fixed is cumbersome, shipping charges are out-of-pocket, and ultimately repairs are ineffective. It is also noted several that customer service is unhelpful and downright rude. At any rate, it is my opinion that a $100 electronic device should not need servicing after a year or less. I decided that although I do enjoy my iHome clock radio, I do not enjoy supporting poor workmanship, nor do I want to pay another $100 for a replacement that will surely fail in the very same way within a year if not sooner. I will not be purchasing a new iHome clock radio or any other products from the iHome company.

I find this all quite unfortunate because I was so pleased with this product when it was in working order, and I can only hope that an alternate brand will turn out to be more durable and worth its price. I know that I will certainly review consumer satisfaction before making a purchase this time. I am certain, as evidenced by the pages of consumer complaint I have included with this letter, that others have similar feelings about this product. For this reason I suggest that you revise your design and construction of the iH5 Clock Radio to improve the product’s quality. If this were to happen I can only imagine your sales would improve as consumer satisfaction rose, and that fewer individuals would feel the need to vigorously warn away potential buyers in a way that is immediately noticeable given a simple Google search.


Thank you for reading,

I don't know what I want out of it, or what to expect...but maybe I will get a reply that is not a form letter? In any case, stay away from the iHome brand....many  retailers sell less expensive versions that are quite likely of much higher quality.
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