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Beware of Bush Furniture

This is a long story which spans three or so posts in Bad Service.

This is the original post I made at Bad Service in December.

December 26, 2006
On Saturday my husband went to Office Max and bought two computer desks for us. I put one desk together that night (while watching the Sound of Music on tv). It takes me practically the entire movie to put the desk together and it was relatively easy to put together (would have been faster if I didn't watch tv at the same time). After I was done with his desk I figured I'd put mine together on Sunday night.

Sunday night, I open the box and get the instructions. I go through to make sure all the pieces are there before putting anything together. Once I find all the parts, I begin to assemble the desk knowing it would go quicker since I'm now familiar with the setup. Four pieces in and I notice that the top piece to the drawer was drilled wrong - the holes were in the front instead of the back so there was no way of connecting the top piece to the back piece. The rough edge was suppose to have three holes for dowels to connect the top to the back but the holes were in the front instead. I continue going through the pieces and discover the next piece (side piece) was warped so even if I could connect the top to the back the top would not be able to connect to the side. The desk is defective. So I gather the parts up and repackage it as best as I could and had the hubby put it back in the car. So much for my Xmas gift.

Monday - couldn't return the item because it was Xmas.

Today, I decide to stop off at OfficeMax before going to work. Ok, it's sucky of me doing it "first thing" in the morning and honestly, it didn't even occur to me not to return it first thing. I thought, just to exchange it for another desk of the same style. So I go in and explain the situation to the cashier who gets one of the two supervisors. The supervisor says no problem and goes to check to see if the item is in stock and of course comes back and says it's not. We then find out the desks are now on sale for $149.99 (we bought them at $199.99 each; $50 difference). The supervisor wants to refund the difference right away to which the cashier (who is the reason for this post) starts going off about not having enough cash in her drawer to do the return. The supervisor said there was a price match up to 30 days which I know they did but didn't know the desks were on sale today.

"I don't want any part of this because we're not supposed to do it this way! Barb said it's not allowed!" (No idea who Barb is, could be store manager or district manager.) "What if I don't make $100 in cash sales today then my register will be in the negative? For all we know, I'll have nothing but credit card sales today." (Which now has me wondering, say that was true and she didn't make over $100 in cash... what if I came back that night and did the return/exchange/order then and the drawer still didn't have that amount? Would she still be bitching about it?)

I swear between the cashier, assistant manager and two supervisor, they made things too complicated. The supervisor ended up getting a "loan" from the office for her drawer to which she bitched about because she would be responsible for it. The supervisor AND assistant store manager said no she wouldn't be because she was logging off the system to let him (supervisor) to handle the return/exchange/repurchase. I didn't get the assistant manager or second supervisor, the cashier did because she was whinnying and complaining the entire time.

Again, they made it too damn difficult from my point of view.

The supervisor ended up doing two price differences, each being $54.15. We get back a total of $108.30 in cash (again the cashier was there bitching about it the whole time saying she was going to be blamed for it DESPITE the assistant manager and TWO supervisors telling her it was ok, she won't be). He then refunds the 2nd desk for the sales price and takes the amount and purchases a gift card. We then go into his office and order the desk for me using that gift card. We ended up spending over an hour in the store because they were making things too complicated. The assistant manager wanted to do it one way, the 1st supervisor wanted to do it another and of course the 2nd supervisor wanted to do it completely different. I was biting my tongue trying not to tell them how to do their job but if it were up to me I would have done it this way:

Step 1: Refund the full amount as "cash" (despite there not being enough cash in the drawer.
Step 2: Repurchase one desk at the sales price and paid with the "cash" given back. There would have been a left over amount.
Step 3: ORDER the 2nd desk and pay with the "refund". Give the customer back the remaining amount.

Come to think of it, the way they did it, we were "cheated" out of around $10.

We ended up back with a refund of $108.30 (two $54.15 refunds). Had they done it the less complicated way (and they just confused themselves because they wanted to do it three different ways) we would have had a refund of $116.60.

One supervisor wanted to return the full amount as a gift card - that would have left us with a gift card with the $116.60 instead of cash. One supervisor (the one who helped up) did it as two exchanges and we ended up with $54.15 twice THEN he took the remaining amount and put it on a gift card to order the desk. The assistant store manager wanted to do something similar to what I said and the 2nd supervisor said - give us the $54.15 (twice) on a gift card instead of cash.

My desk will be here tomorrow or Thursday depending on the weather. It's coming from Seattle. While in the end we did get a partial refund and my desk, they just made things way too complicated and confused each other. The cashier was a bitch (and not just to us; see below) and the two supervisors and assistant store manager while helpful just made things way, way, way too complicated and long. The supervisor who did the exchange/order was super nice but still, it was too confusing.

Overhead the same cashier.... Now, as I was waiting for my print out of the order (we ordered the desk in his office and the printer was in the back) I waited up front by the registers. Apparently I made things soooo difficult for the cashier, despite that she didn't help me at all and that her till wasn't exactly short since it was a $100 "loan" that the supervisor gave me, that it left her in a bitchy mood. Another customer was looking at the flat screen monitors and apparently the monitors are still marked with the pre-Xmas sales. When the customer noticed there was a price difference (the sale price was lower then the price rung up) she pointed it out to the cashier. Well the cashier paged (on the walkie talkie) the other supervisor (no longer helping me as the other one was) to check the prices. He confirmed the sign was indeed there and the price was lower on the sign (by $50) and to give the customer the sales price. She then LOUDLY complains on her walkie talkie that this is just going to mess up her till and that he BETTER remove those signs because she didn't want to deal with customers all day, telling her that there is a price difference because of the signs.

I don't understand how it would mess up her till since she's not giving the customer any cash back, she's just doing a price adjustment. All store computers have a price override just to deal with pricing errors. And secondly, how was it the customer's fault that the signs were left up? All the customer did was point out that there was a price difference due to the signs being up. All the cashier had to do was cancel the transaction and start over. I swear, she was just making things too difficult for everyone.

From January 24, 2007.

Ugh. I hate cheap ass furniture. Ok, to refresh your memories, I posted this back in December. And it's a private entry meaning you need to be part of this community and logged in to read it. That said....

Not even one month!

Today, I move my desk about two or three inches. Just enough so I can stick my hand behind the desk to replug my keyboard that came loose and to check my headphones (I lost sound) and replug them in. My desk and the hubby's desk (same style) are side-by-side which makes access to my computer difficult.

At any rate, the wheels lock and were unlocked so I could move the desk forward, again only a couple of inches so I can get my hand behind the computer to replug the stuff. And when I pushed the desk back and the damn desk top snapped at where parts A (the black portion of the desk top) and C (the right side brown portion over the cd holders) join! I'm furious because I haven't had this desk for a month!

To recap. The desks were originally bought December 23rd. I put his together that same night and his went together just fine. I decide to hold off to put mine together until the next day because it took me a few hours to put his together (I was watching tv at the same time) and was tired. Next day (the 24th) I begin to put my desk together after making sure all the parts were there but 4th piece in found out the desk was defective with the holes in two pieces drilled in the wrong spots. We had to wait until the day after Xmas (December 26) to return the desk to Office Max. They had none in stock, and also had to deal with that cranky woman, and so the supervisor had to order me a desk and have it shipped my house. I got the new desk that Thursday but didn't put it together until that Friday (the 29th). Today is the 24th which means I've had the desk for LESS then a month!

I call Office Max and spoke with a "manager" who said I was basically SOL and need to call Bush Furniture. I call Bush Furniture and the woman said it's my fault and they can't replace the parts for free!

"Well there's a warning inside that says not to move it while fully loaded and if it breaks then it's not covered under warranty."

BULLSHIT there is.

There ARE two warnings. One says, "This product is designed and intended for use with computer, fax, and printer equipment only. Improper loading with television or other heavy equipement could cause instability, top over, and/or serious injury." The second warning, next to the first, says, "When loaded, move unit carefully. Failure to do so could cause intability, product collapse, and/or serious injury." It does NOT say, "don't move while loaded". My desk has the following items on it - the pc tower, the (new) flat screen monitor, a flatbed scanner, a four tier letter organizer with several pieces of paper and a small lamp that weighs under one pound. That's it. Well that and two bottles of migraine medicine, a remote, keyboard, mouse and headphones.

I argued with her because this is the 2nd desk from that model that was defective or broke. So I told her, "Look, we bought TWO of these desks and the 2nd one - mine - ended up being defective and I had to return it after Xmas. THIS one snapped at the metal bracket and it shouldn't have because I didn't apply a ton of weight on it AND it was moving two or three inches back to the wall. It completely snapped off and the only reason it didn't fall apart is due to the cardboard backing. I wish I could remember where I put my camera to take a picture of this but at the bracket that joins the two pieces, it just completely broke through to the top!

She relents and will be sending me a new "A" and "C" piece for free "but next time you'll have to buy the pieces."

I will NEVER but another Bush Furniture product again and I'll NEVER buy cheap ass furniture from Office Max. I'll stick to real wood desks made by professional Master Carpenters or Craftsmen.

From February 1, 2007

Re: This post and this post.

Manager says no. Some asshole who identified himself as the "manager" told me there is nothing Office Max can do because it's now past 30 days since I bought the desk. I'm furious.

Ok, here's what's happened. On January 24th, the desk broke at the top black piece and the brown piece (see pic in previous post for what the desk looks like). I called Office Max and the person I talked to said, "Call Bush Furniture". I call Bush Furniture and was told (after much run around, again see previous post) that I would get the part WITHIN five business days. Five business days was YESTERDAY. Today, still no part so I decide to call Office Max again because when my husband called and talked to a "manager" that person said, "no problem, but we don't have any in stock you'll have to wait until Thursday". That would be January 25th but by then I called Bush Furniture so I decided against it.

My desk is falling apart now because the two crucial pieces are broken. I can't afford to go out and spent another $200 on a desk while waiting for the parts. Hell, I shouldn't HAVE to spend even another dollar for parts!

So I call Bush Furniture and was told, "Oh you should already have the part." No offer to send me out another one, no tracking number to see where the hell the pieces are at. Nothing. So I call Office Max and ask for the STORE manager but instead get another damn supervisor. This time he tells me, "Oh well it Office Max's policy to return items within 30 days and unfortunately there is nothing we can do." Yea, that pissed me off and so I said, "You really want me to go over this with you and basically bitch you out, don't you? Ok, here goes...."

So I told him that we bought the desks originally the day before Xmas eve (Saturday), we found out Xmas Eve night - by the time the store was closed - that it was defective. Had to go back the day AFTER Xmas to return/exchange it, got grief from the bitch cashier who complained about not having enough money in her till and they had another supervisor AND assistant store manager there telling her it was ok to do it, then ORDER the desk online... for which they had to use a gift card because we paid in cash and there was no other way to order it since our credit cards were maxed out by that point, THEN not get a receipt because the printer was broken, get my desk near the end of December and put it together only to have the desk last LESS then one month. NOW I'm being told that I should have brought the desk back in January because of their damn policies.

I'm furious. Bush Furniture won't take responsibility for the product and neither will Office Max. Last time I shop there due to this incident and what happened on Saturday.

Let me recap on Saturday. I went to buy some office supplies for the house. Saw they had dry erase markers on sale - buy two, get one free. I get up to the register and end up paying $22 and some odd change because I had a $10 off card. I thought it was odd because I should have paid about $6 less. I take five feet from the register looking at the receipt and see I'm charged for all three dry erase markers. I go back and the cashier tell me that the sale signs I saw were for the next day's new ad but they were putting the signs up NOW because they don't work after closing. WTF, isn't that illegal? She would not honor the sales sign. It pissed me off that they would put sale signs up WHILE the store is open (this was at 10 AM, they close like at 8 PM) yet not honor the sale sign because it was for the next day. Eventually the supervisor gave me a fourth box of dry erase markers for free instead of giving me the third box for free. Basically, I bought three, got one free. ::rolleyes::. I was ripped off. One box of four black dry erasers cost $5.34. That breaks down to $1.34 a marker. Buying two and getting one free breaks the cost down to, 89 cents. Buying three, getting one free breaks down the cost of the markers to $1.00 each. Basically I lost $1.78 because they wouldn't give me the third one free like the sign said.

Yup, I'm no longer going to shop at Office Max and rather drive the 1/4 mile more to Office Depot or Staples. Oh, I know, people will say, "Oh sure, you'll be back in a few days." Pft, no. I've been ripped off three times from Office Max (see first post about the desk in December), this time with the desk breaking and finally the cost of the dry erase markers. Why should I lose out on money because of them? Thanks, but no thanks. I rather shop some place that will not sell defective crap.

And finally from February 6, 2007

Continued from this story.

Well, I FINALLY got a notice from FedEx saying that they need me to call the local center because they can't find my address. I call, give the tracking number and low 'n' behold... THE ADDRESS is wrong.

Correct address: 1331 W Main St.
Incorrect address. 131 E Main St.

That's the OTHER side of town! It's a good 20+ minute drive to that side of town to boot. Our streets are not wonky. We're a large, spread out town/city. We don't have many weird/wonky streets that curve. You basically can't get lost in this area because all the streets run one of two directions - due North to South and East to West. So they're going to deliver the parts tomorrow but why do I have a feeling that either (a) the pieces will be damaged, (b) the pieces will be wrong and (c) all of the above?

Here it is July 2, 2007 and I've been watching my desk over the last three months fall slowly apart. The same two pieces that originally broke are once again slowly breaking. On top of that the two pieces that the top piece rests on is starting to break from the bottom and the shelf that the PC sits on bends down and eventually will need to be fixed. Hell the one on my hubby's desk completely broke to the point where there was no way to repair it. I just threw that piece out a few weeks ago after several attempts to fix it.

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BOTH desks are falling apart now. The desks are made out of MDF covered in a plastic coating to make it look like natural wood. I'm sure you've seen that type of cheap furniture. Well these desks were not cheap in price. If I recall correctly they're like $200 EACH. $400 basically wasted. These desks can't be moved in fear that they'll collapse and yes I did call Bush Furniture whose rep told me that I already made a request for pieces in January so they're not going to send me anything else unless I pay for it! I don't think so! Why should I pay for a defective desk(s) pieces? I will NEVER buy items made from MDF again. I've placed on layaway a $1500 unfinished table for the dining room from a local furniture company and will place on layaway two new desks made out of real hardwood once I finished paying off the table. No way will I EVER buy another Bush piece of crap furniture again.
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